Wholesale Cart Customization

You can customize a handful of settings on the wholesale cart, including whether or not international customers submit their orders as drafts, if the 'Notes' section of the cart is mandatory, and if a P.O. number field is added to the page.


To adjust these settings, you'll first need to open the 'Settings' section of our app's dashboard: 



Next, you'll open the top menu option, titled 'Cart and Checkout'; you can click the blue 'Customize' button to enter the submenu: 



International Checkout

Our app allows you to choose whether your international customers submit their orders as normal, paid in advance versions, or as editable, unpaid drafts that you can further edit as needed.


You can toggle this setting via the 'Submit as draft order' option under the 'International Checkout' subheading. To have your customers submit their orders as unpaid, editable drafts, just tick the box. Leaving the box unticked will result in customers placing orders with shipping addresses from outside of your home country submitting their orders as finalized, paid in full orders that you can no longer edit. 


If you opt to use our international checkout, you're also able to set a custom confirmation message which will be displayed when your customer submits their draft order. This is a great place to let them know of the next steps in your international order process, or if you need anything else from them. Your customer will see this message whenever they submit an order with a shipping address outside of your home country. 

You're also able to reserve inventory on international draft orders, by ticking the 'Reserve Inventory on International Orders' option. Toggling this on will see all of the inventory reserved on the draft order for the number of days you specify via the 'Custom Reservation Time' option. Remember, draft orders do *not* reserve inventory by default -- so you'll want to use this setting if you want to ensure the items don't oversell. To learn more about inventory reservation settings in our app, you can check out this guide


Note Input Settings

You can customize the description text within your cart's 'Notes' field, require that your customers input a note in order to reach the checkout, and display a P.O. number field on the cart page.


To edit the note's description, simply fill in the 'Note Description' field; this will appear on your customer's wholesale cart page to provide them with context as to what they should add here. 


If we add a note to this field:

It will show up on the note that your customer sees within the cart:




If you want to improve the chances of collecting such info, you can toggle the 'Require Note Input' setting on: 

Your customer will be warned that a note input is required:



You can also choose whether a P.O. input is added to the cart field by toggling it's setting on, which includes a sub-setting to require your customer to add something to this field before they can reach the checkout. 

Wholesale Discount Label

You can adjust the label that your discounted pricing appears under via this setting. The wording that you select here will appear on the wholesale checkout page and on invoices that are emailed to your customer.

By default (if a custom label is not entered into the field), this will read "Wholesale Discount".



The settings:

The cart:

The notes section:








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