How to Update Wholesale Gorilla to Your Current Theme

When using theme integration, updating your current theme ensures that you have access to all of the newest Wholesale Gorilla features, and keeps things running smoothly after the normal upkeep and edits that your live theme may undergo as you manage your store.

When to update your theme

You have NOT made significant changes to your theme since we last updated and there are no issues
You will not need to do anything further. You are welcome to check back once you've made significant updates to your theme, after a period of a couple of weeks, if you switch themes, or if we release new features and make an announcement.
You HAVE made significant changes to your theme since we last installed, or if our app is out of date

It's time for a theme update.

Requesting an Update

You may click the 'Request Version Update' button, and will be put into our update queue.

No further action is required. Kick your feet up and let our team take care of the rest!


You will retain access to the app's settings during this process, however you may not see the settings work properly on the front end of your store, as there is code missing from the theme (hence requiring the update). If you are adjusting settings while we're completing this update, please keep in mind that these changes might not be visible until the update is complete.

Testing the update

When the theme is updated, you will find a new notification in the Wholesale Gorilla dashboard indicating that the theme was successfully updated.

Navigate through your store logged in with a wholesale account to verify proper calibration with your published theme. We recommend testing the following pages to ensure proper calibration:

Home and collection pages
  • Verify collections show correct pricing and are properly excluding products.
Product pages
  • Ensure product pricing is displayed correctly
  • Verify collections (e.g., "related" or "recently viewed" collections) show correct pricing and are properly excluding products.
  • Verify ajax cart pricing is correct.  (changing ajax settings may require re-calibration)
  • Verify that ajax cart checkout buttons only take wholesale customers to `/pages/ws-cart` and not Shopify's checkout page.  
Account Page
  • Verify Quick Order Form button is displayed.  (Unless you have hidden it. This setting can be found in Settings > Quick Order Form)
Quick Order Form
  • Verify that the single page order form displays correct wholesale prices, and that you can navigate to the cart.
WSG Cart
  • Verify order limits and volume discounts are functional based on your account's tags.  

After verifying Wholesale Gorilla's functionality, you can feel confident that our app will function consistently and effectively within this theme. 

Please reach out with any questions or issues at

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