Step 1: Create a Wholesale Price Rule

What's a wholesale price rule?

Price rules tell Wholesale Gorilla which customers are wholesale customers and what prices to give to them.

pricing rules example

In this price rule, all customers with the tag wholesale on their account will get
50% off all items in the Spring Collection.

Creating wholesale price rules

  1. Navigate to Pricing & Discounts
  2. Click Create Discount.
  3. Select Discount Level - This sets the product (or products) the discount rule will apply to.  Set a wholesale discount rule for your store.  If this is your first time using Wholesale Gorilla, we recommend setting an Entire Store discount to test things out.
  4. Enter a Customer Tag.  This tells Wholesale Gorilla which customers will receive this discounted price.  Enter a tag (e.g. wholesale).
  5. Select Discount Type as either a percentage discount or a set price.  Percent Off will take a given percentage off the retail price of an item, and fixed price will set the wholesale price to the price entered here.
  6. Set the Amount of the discount.  This will be either a percent off, or the wholesale price of the item.
  7. Save.

Wholesale price rule details

You can create a price rule for your entire store, a specific collection, certain products, or even individual product variants.

Customer tags and price rules

Here is where the magic happens. Any customers with this tag on their customer account will have this rule applied to prices whenever they are logged in to your store (more info on that in the next step).

You can have as many discount rules for as many different customer tags as you like!  So different customer segments can have their own unique prices.

Discount types (2 types)

  • Percent off:  This will set the wholesale price to a percent off the current retail price of the product (not the compare-at-price). If you change the retail price of an item that has a percent off discount rule, then the wholesale price will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Set price: This will set a fixed wholesale price for the product. This price will not change if you change the retail price of the product in Shopify.

Up Next: Step 2: Create a Wholesale Customer Account


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