Step 2: Create a Wholesale Customer


Now that we've set up a special discount rule for a group of customers, (tagged wholesale in the video above), the next step is to pick which customers get this special discount. 

There are several ways to create wholesale customer accounts.  We'll list a few of them below.  Choose whichever method you like, or try them all.

It's all about the Customer Tags

In order for the prices on your store to change to wholesale, or to see any wholesale functionality a tag on the customer account must match a tag that you are using for a discount rule in Wholesale Gorilla. 

Wholesale Gorilla recognizes a customer as 'wholesale' when a tag on their account matches a tag on a discount rule set in the app.  A customer account can be covered in tags, but until there is a match with a discount rule tag they will be treated as a regular retail customer.



There are three ways to create a wholesale customer account:
Existing Customers New Customers Wholesale Registration Form

If you already have a customer account set up in your Shopify admin, use this method to convert their account to a wholesale account.

  1. Go to Shopify Admin and and click Customers on the left
  2. Click on an existing customer to access their account.
  3. Scroll down to the Tags section.
  4. Type in the customer tag (e.g. wholesale) you set up when you created a discount in the previous step.
  5. Click Save.

When this customer logs into your store, they will see the special price you set in the previous step.


Are accounts enabled on your store?  Accounts need to be either Optional or Required for Wholesale Gorilla to work properly. Learn more here.

Troubleshooting the Sign Up Page

For a complete guide on the sign up and log in pages, view this article.  here are solutions to a few common issues you may encounter:

  • An account with this email already exists: Shopify does not allow multiple customers accounts with the same email address, so if you get this error message it means you already have a customer account set up with this email address.  Choose a different email address, or follow the steps in Create a wholesale account for an existing customer above.
  • The Country or State/Province dropdown isn't working: Usually this means you don't have any Shipping settings configured in your Shopify admin.  If this is the case, set up some retail shipping rates and the dropdowns will populate with regions you have configured shipping for.

  • Any other issues?  Get in touch by clicking the Help button in the Wholesale Gorilla admin, or by emailing

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