Customizing the Look and Feel


Follow these steps to configure your wholesale store to fit the unique needs of your business.  We recommend going in order, but these steps can be completed in any order (or skipped!).

1. Customize the Wholesale Shop

Wholesale Gorilla provides a number of ways to customize the Wholesale Shop to better fit your branding and customer needs.  Follow this guide to change colors, messages, Catalog navigation, and more.  

How to customize the Wholesale Shop

2. Set up your Wholesale Registration and Log in forms

You are welcome to use the default sign up and log in forms that come with your Shopify theme, but for more control over the B2B experience you can leverage the power and flexibility of our wholesale-specific forms.

We recommend placing a link to the Wholesale Sign up or Log in form on the main navigation of your Online Store.

Link to the Wholesale Sign Up form in your site navigation

Customize the Signup page

Add custom messaging to the Login page

3. Optionally request a Theme Integration

Instead of using the Wholesale Shop, users on the Advanced and Premium plans can choose to embed Wholesale Gorilla into their Shopify theme.  This allows wholesale customers to shop the same store as retail customers (except with wholesale prices and functionality of course).

We recommend sticking with the Wholesale Shop, and only requesting a Theme Integration if the Wholesale Shop doesn't meet your needs.

Learn more about Theme Integrations


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