Cart subtotal discounts

Cart subtotal discounts help you incentivize larger purchases by offering discounts based on the total purchase amount or the quantity of items in the cart. 

Cart subtotal discounts

Subtotal discounts are applied based on the total purchase amount. Customers receive discounts when their cart meets specific subtotal criteria.

Setting up subtotal discounts

To create a cart subtotal Volume Discount open Wholesale Gorilla and click the Volume Discounts tab on the homepage.

  1. Open the Wholesale Gorilla app and click on the 'Pricing & Discounts' tab. Under Cart subtotal, click 'Manage subtotal discounts'.

  2. Select Add discount.

  3. In the input “If cart subtotal is above…” enter the minimum value of the cart subtotal that will trigger the additional discount. In the input “take an additional…” enter the % off the customer will receive on their order once they cross this minimum cart value.

  4. If you would like to add an additional cart discount click “Add new discount.”

  5. Click “Save when you are done.

Setting volume tiers

You can set multiple volume discounts for your store. Each time a wholesale customer crosses the minimum cart subtotal for a wholesale price rule, all other volume wholesale price rules are ignored.

A cart can only have one volume wholesale price rule applied at a time, and the volume discounts do not add together.


For example if you have the following volume wholesale price rules, a customer with a cart subtotal of $75 would get 15% off - not 10% off and then another 15% off.

Editing subtotal rules

To edit a Cart Subtotal Rule enter the new values into the inputs for that particular rule and click Save. To delete a rule click the trashcan icon to the right of the rule.

What your customers see

Once you have set a volume discount wholesale customers will see some extra messages in their cart.

Volume discount promotions

If a cart subtotal is below the minimum threshold to trigger a volume discount they will see a banner prompting them to add more to their cart to trigger the next volume discount.


The customer will also see a message above the checkout button telling them how much more they need to spend to trigger the next volume discount.


Success banner

When a wholesale customer has triggered a volume discount they will see a message at the top of the cart page letting them know they received an additional discount. If there is another discount available that they haven’t qualified for yet, there will also be an upsell message prompting them to meet the threshold for further savings.


The customer will also see an updated subtotal with their discount applied.


Cart Messages

This section allows you to customize the copy in the upsell and success messages displayed on the cart page.

If you choose to enter a custom message, you can use the variable {{$}} as a placeholder for the dollar value required to unlock the next subtotal discount.  The variable {{%}} indicates the additional percent off the customer will receive. The Preview section will automatically update as you type so you can see an example of what the messages might look like live.

For example if you enter, “Spend just {{$}} to receive an additional {{%}} off of your order.” as the Custom Upsell Message -



And you have a Cart Subtotal Discount of:


This would display  “Spend just $500 to receive an additional 5% off of your order.” in the customer’s cart.


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