Order limits

Our Order Limit Settings are found in the 'Checkout' section of the app dashboard. These settings are exclusively locked to wholesale customer's accounts, so will not affect your retail customers whatsoever. The order limits will only activate if you've set up at least one wholesale price rule within the app, so please be sure to create at least one rule before testing these limits.

Order limits are offered in the Advanced and Premium subscription packages.
Learn more about order limits and other Advanced and Premium features here!

We offer a handful of setting types that can be applied, all of which are explained briefly below, and further in their own guide page. These order limits are currently offered as a 'one size fits all' type of setting, which means that they are not customer or tag specific. We will be adding this functionality to the app at some point in the future. You can set limits on:

the entire cart or for each item in the cart
the total number of items from a collection or for each item from a collection
the total number of a product in the cart or for each occurrence of the item

Order limits and discount codes

Though customers will be held to the limits in the cart, they could still potentially submit an order under their cart minimum spend limit if discount codes are active on your shop. Learn more about discount codes and Wholesale Gorilla.

These limits will only be enforced on the cart page, so manual orders created in your Shopify admin will not be subject to these restrictions. If order requirements are not met by a wholesale customer who is putting an order together, the checkout button will be disabled so that the customer cannot checkout. They will be notified within the cart page of what they'll need to do further to meet the limit, and will only be allowed to continue through the checkout once they've adjusted their cart as recommended.

These limits are not currently enforced at the Product or Collection page level, as this would require that we hold your retail customers to the limits as well. This means that your customer will not be aware of the limits in place until they begin adding items to their cart, and specifically won't be informed of them unless they fail to meet a limit upon opening the cart page. If you'd like to make your customers aware of the limits up front, we suggest using the custom messaging area above the 'Customer Account' page to either inform them of the limits themselves, or let them know that these will appear in the cart area if they're not met. You can set the 'Customer Account' message within the 'Customers' section of our app dashboard.

If your customers fail to meet a limit, they will not be stopped at the product page; instead, they will need to access their cart page, at which point they will see a set of order limit messaging. Once they make the necessary adjustments to their cart, they will be allowed to click the 'Checkout' button and can continue with the checkout process.


Cart & line item limits

Minimum Order Value
the subtotal amount of the entire cart must be at least this amount.
Cart Totals
the quantity of all items in your cart will be added together to give a cart total. Limits will apply to this cart total.
Cart Line Items
these limits will be tested against each line item in the cart. Every item in the cart must meet these requirements.


Order limits for products

Product totals
these limits will apply to the total quantity of this product in the cart, including variants. A customer could have 5 of Product A - variant 1, and 3 of Product A - variant 2 in their cart, so the total of Product A would be 8.
Variant Limits
if a product has variants you will see the option to set variant limits. These limits will apply to each variant of this product in the cart, not the total number of variants in the cart.


Collection limits

Products can be in multiple collections so if you have more than one collection limit it’s possible multiple rules will apply.

Collection Totals
the quantity of each item in the cart that belongs to this collection will be added together to get the collection total. These limits will apply to the total number of products in the cart from this collection.
Collection Line Items
the quantity of each item in the cart that belongs to this collection must meet these requirements.


Quantity limit workarounds

Our Order Limits are currently set up as 'one size fits all', meaning that these settings will be applied to all wholesale customers shopping within your site. Here's more information on the Order Limit settings within out app. While this is an excellent tool for scenarios in which you wish to hold all wholesale customers to specific limits, it can sometimes cause issues in situations where you wish to exclude certain customers from the order limits, as well as cause issues if you wish to only hold a small section of your customers to said limits while excluding the rest from them. In these scenarios, our Net Terms and Manual Order settings can be a big help for adjusting the customer's order to be more in line with your preferences. 

Holding Select Customers/Orders to One Off Order Limits
Since the Net Terms orders are submitted to you as unpaid, editable drafts, you'll be able to make adjustments to them however needed. This also means that you can review an order that your customer submits before "approving" it and allowing them to pay for it, so it's a great way to hold select customers to "special" order limits that you otherwise do not want to set up within the app (since you want to prevent other customers from being held to said limits). You will need to manually adjust the order so that it is in line with the limits of your choosing, which may involve a good bit of extra work -- but it will ultimately allow you to ensure that these specific orders are in line with order limits that otherwise could not be enforced without holding all wholesale customers to them.
Excluding Select Customers/Orders from Already Established Order Limits
If there are select customers or orders that you wish to exclude from your already set WG order limits, our best suggestion is to use the 'Manual Order' setting, which you can read about here. This setting allows you to manually create an order for your customer via the backend of your shop, which will always bypass any order limits, shipping settings, and VAT tax settings that you've set up within the app. This is the perfect solution for situations where you want to hold 99% of your customers to an order limit, but need to give a break to select customers or even just specific orders that they place.


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