The wholesale registration page

The wholesale registration page is offered in the advanced and premium subscription packages.
Learn more about the quick order form and other Advanced and Premium features here!

With Wholesale Gorilla, your new wholesale customers can easily request an account using the Wholesale Signup Form. The form collects more information than the default Shopify signup form, and allows for auto-approval and auto-tagging of customer requests. It seamlessly integrates with your main signup form for a consistent experience.

Our wholesale login form functions just like the Shopify default login page, but includes a link to the wholesale signup form.

Regardless of how your customers sign up or log in, they will only be able to access wholesale pricing and functionality if a tag on their customer account matches a tag on a wholesale price rule in Wholesale Gorilla. Adding these forms is optional, and you have full control over their placement. The following is our suggestion based on reviewing thousands of implementations.

If you are comfortable editing your Online Store navigation, feel free to add the Wholesale Signup link wherever you like. Otherwise you can follow along below.

  • From your Shopify admin click Sales Channels > Online Store > Navigation, then select the menu you would like to add the link to.  (Typically, this will be Main Menu)
  • Enter a Name for the link (e.g. Wholesale Sign Up)
  • In the link field search for and select Create Wholesale Account, then save.

    Adding the registration page to your shop

The Sign up form will now appear in your Online Store navigation.

Optional - Repeat these steps to add the Wholesale Login page to your site navigation.

Customizing the wholesale registration fields premium tag

The custom wholesale registration form allows you to customize your wholesale signup page, giving you a powerful set of tools to collect extra information from wholesale customers. You can add text, images, custom html, and additional fields to the form such as Terms & Conditions, file uploads, and more.

Instructions on setting up the signup form are broken into two parts. This article covers how to change the contents of the signup form. Learn more about customer activation.

Accessing the Signup Form editor

The custom registration form is hosted as a page on your Online Store, and can be customized through the theme editor.  There are two ways to access the form editor:

  • From within the Wholesale Gorilla app admin:  Open Wholesale Gorilla and visit the Customers page. Scroll down to the Custom Wholesale Registration Form section and click Edit Custom Form Fields. This will open the Wholesale Registration Form page in your theme editor.
  • From the theme editor: From your Shopify admin by click Online Store > Themes. Open the theme editor by clicking “Customize” next to your currently published theme. From the navigation dropdown at the top of the editor click Pages > wsg-registration-form.

customizing the registration page

If you are redirected to the Account page when you try to view the registration form, log out of your customer account on the storefront and try again.

Customizing registration page settings premium tag

You can make changes to the page header by clicking WSG Registration Settings.

Here you can:

  • Change the page title
  • Add a custom description or text to the page
  • Show an image on the form
  • Enter custom html content.

After you have made your desired changes, click Save in the theme editor to make your changes live.

Adding & removing custom fields to the registration page  premium tag

The most powerful feature of the Custom Wholesale Registration Form is the ability to add, remove, and rearrange fields on the form.

Some fields on the signup form can't be edited or removed. These include the customer first and last name, email address, and shipping address.

Add a custom field to the registration form

To add a custom field to the form

  • Click the arrow next to Custom Fields to open the dropdown menu.
  • Next click Add block 
  • Select the type of block you want to add to the form (more details on types of blocks below).
  • After the block is added, click the block to open a sub-menu.  Here you can edit the block settings.
  • When you are done editing the block settings Save your theme to make the changes live.
Remove a Custom Field

To remove a custom field:

  • Open the field sub-menu by clicking on the field you wish to remove.
  • At the bottom of the field settings menu, click Remove Block.
  • Save.
Editing custom fields

There are a number of different custom fields you can add to your registration form.  Each has it's own purpose, functionality, and limitations.  Read below to see what fields are best for your particular needs.

Adding text inputs

Text inputs are single line inputs you can use to capture text, numbers, or other small pieces of information from a customer.

Editable fields:

  • Field Label: Enter the name of the text input (usually the type of information you want the user to enter).
  • Required: If checked the user will be required to enter information into this field in order to submit the form.

Data entered into this field will appear in the Notes section of the customer in Shopify in the format <field-label-name>: <customer-input>. 


Appears on the customer object in the Notes section:


Tip!  Text Inputs are usefull catch-all fields.  If none of the other fields below meet the needs for what you are trying to capture, creating a text input can be a great way to gather any information you may need.

Multi-line text area

Use this field to capture longer amounts of text.  This field allows a user to enter multiple lines of text or numbers in paragraph format.

Editable fields:

  • Field Label
  • Placeholder text: Example text that appears in the text area on page load.  Usually a description of what you want the user to enter.
  • Required: If checked the user will be required to enter information into this field in order to submit the form.

Customer inputs to this field will be added to the Notes section of the customer profile in Shopify.

Phone input

Capture a user's phone number.  This input is similar to a text field, except that it requires proper formatting of phone numbers.  Users will not be able to submit the form if they enter an invalid phone number into this field.

Phone numbers entered with this field are saved to the Customer overview section of the customer profile in Shopify.

Editable fields:

  • Field Label: Usually changed to "Phone Number"
  • Required: If checked the user will be required to enter information into this field in order to submit the form.
  • Limit one phone input per signup form (see note below)

Each customer requires a unique phone number. Similar to emails, Shopify only allows one instance of a phone number for all customers in your store.  If a customer tries to enter a phone number in this field that is already associated with another customer in Shopify, an error will be shown on the signup form.  Because of this you are limited to one phone number input on the registration form.

If you would like to allow multiple instances of a phone number in your Shopify customer base, or you would like to collect more than one phone number on the registration form, we recommend creating a Text Input field called “Phone number” instead of using the Phone input field.  Using a Text Input field will add the phone number to the Notes section of the customer profile.

Adding terms and conditions to the wholesale registration page  premium tag

Use this input to add a Terms and Conditions checkbox to the registration form.  Use the richtext input to add information on the terms and conditions requirement, or to link to a detailed terms page.

Editable fields:

  • Terms & Conditions Text:  The message displayed next to the checkbox.
  • Limit one per signup form

This field is always required, so a user will not be able to submit the form unless they check this box.  

Adding email marketing opt-in option   premium tag

Create a checkbox to set the customer’s marketing preferences.  

If the box is checked the Email Marketing preferences of the customer in their Shopify Profile will be set to “Subscribed.”  If left unchecked the status will be marked as “Not subscribed.”


Editable Fields:

  • Marketing Opt-in text: The message displayed next to the checkbox
  • Required:  If checked the user will not be able to submit the form unless they accept marketing.
  • Limit one per signup form.

Allowing wholesale account applicants to upload files   premium tag

Let users upload a file on the registration form.  This is great for capturing licenses, images, forms, and more.

Supported file types are: 

  • Images - .png, .jpeg, .gif

  • Text - .txt, .pdf, .rtf, .doc

  • Spreadsheets: .csv, excel, xml

Maximum file size is 15MB.  Limit 1 file uploaded per form.

Editable Fields:

  • Description: An informational message outlining what you would like the user to upload.
  • Button Label: The text that appears inside the button.
  • Button Colors
  • Required:  If checked a user will be required to upload a file to submit the form.
Viewing Uploaded Files (Premium)

After a customer uploads a file it can be accessed from the Wholesale Gorilla app admin. 

Open Wholesale Gorilla and visit the Customer page.  Scroll to the File Upload section and click View Files.

Here you will see a list of files sorted by customer or email.  Click the file to download it to your computer.

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