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Displaying price settings

Displaying retail prices

The wholesale discount display settings are found within the 'Settings' section of the app dashboard, and look like this:


Enabling this option allows you to display the original retail price of products next to the wholesale price on collection pages, product pages, and the Wholesale Gorilla quick order form.

Once enabled, you'll then be able to choose from the label that appears next to the retail price, as well as whether it is lower opacity or written as a strikethrough. You can tick whichever boxes you prefer, and just need to be sure and click 'Save' once finished choosing these options. 


Wholesale price transitions

Animate Wholesale Price Changes - Checking this box enables a smooth fade-in effect on all wholesale prices in your store.

Prices typically change after all of your store’s code runs on page load. If you have a lot of apps installed on your store or you display a large number of products on a collection page, you may notice a visible delay in wholesale price changes.

If so, enabling this might help create a better user experience for your customers by hiding all prices on your store and then fading them in when they’ve successfully changed to wholesale.

Account Page Messaging

This is where you can add text to the top of the customer account page, which only logged in/tagged wholesale customers will be able to see. This is the perfect place to add wholesale-exclusive information, as no retail customers will be able to see it at any point. The wholesale customer account message only support plain text, so will be unable to support links, images or the like as the other customizable spaces above allow for. 

Account pages are only provided through Shopify's 'Classic' customer accounts.
If you're using Shopify's 'New Customer Account' version, this page will not be available within your theme.

Customizing the login page

Login Message - This is where you can add text, images, hyperlinks (or whatever else a Shopify page allows) above the customer login page. You'll be editing this via Shopify's 'Page Editing' functions, so will want to review their guides to this process if needed: 

Please note: Login pages are only provided through Shopify's 'Classic' customer accounts; if you're using their 'New Customer Account' version, this page will not be available within your theme. 

We recommend adding a link to the login or signup forms into your online store's main navigation.

To add the wholesale login page to your main navigation:

  • Customers need a tag associated with a wholesale rule or discount.
  • In your Shopify admin navigate to Online Store > Navigation.
  • Select the menu you wish to have the link added, and click Add menu item.
  • Add the name of the navigation, then select the link for Wholesale Login.

Default/Retail Login Link - By default, your Shopify, retail-based login form link (typically a 'person' icon in the top right of your site navigation) will direct customers to the Shopify login page. While we can't do so in all instances, we can typically redirect this link to our login page instead. This should only be done if your shop is entirely used for wholesale, as otherwise retail customers may need this link to log into their accounts. Further, this can only be adjusted if you have the following settings, in which you use both 'Classic Customer accounts' and have toggled the login link on:

Please reach out to our support team if you would like to customize this area of your shop, and we will give it our best try. 

Customizing the net terms confirmation page

The Net terms order confirmation page will appear once your customer has successfully submitted their net order. You can adjust the message that appears under the main heading for this article within the 'Net Terms' settings section of our app, within the 'Confirmation Message' field. Once you're finished adjusting the message, please click 'Save', and you'll then be all set. 


Below is a sample image of how this setting is added within the app, and how it will appear before your customers after submitting their order. 



(The page itself will match your theme settings, so text color, size and etc may differ from shop to shop.)

Customizing the account pending page

Here, you can change the message your customers will see after submitting an account request via our signup form. You can change the title of the page, as well as the message that appears right below. 

Customizing the locked content page:

When a customer attempts to view a page they are not allowed to visit, they are redirected to the Locked Content page. 

  • From the Online Store page, scroll down to Locked content page.

  • Customize the title and the content for customers that navigate to a locked page. The content box is a rich text editor, similar to most word documents.

  • Save.

Customize wholesale cart messages

Cart upsell message

If a cart subtotal is below the minimum threshold to trigger a volume discount they will see a banner prompting them to add more to their cart to trigger the next volume discount.

The customer will also see a message above the checkout button telling them how much more they need to spend to trigger the next volume discount.


Cart success message

When a wholesale customer has triggered a volume discount they will see a message at the top of the cart page letting them know they received an additional discount. If there is another discount available that they haven’t qualified for yet, there will also be an upsell message prompting them to meet the threshold for further savings.


The customer will also see an updated subtotal with their discount applied.


Customizing cart messages

This section allows you to customize the copy in the upsell and success messages displayed on the cart page.

If you choose to enter a custom message, you can use the variable {{$}} as a placeholder for the dollar value required to unlock the next subtotal discount.  The variable {{%}} indicates the additional percent off the customer will receive. The Preview section will automatically update as you type so you can see an example of what the messages might look like live.

For example if you enter, “Spend {{$}} , receive {{%}} off of your order.” It will display with the appropriate cart minimum required along with the percentage off.


To reset a custom message to its original message, click the arrows on the right of the input.

Customize product page settings

If a product has an active quantity discount, wholesale customers will see a table with a detailed price breakdown on the product page on your store. Usually this appears right below the product description.

pricing table.png

Quantity discount table and text color

You can customize the table header text and color by opening the Online Store page from the Wholesale Gorilla app admin. Select Manage upsell settings. Scroll down to Product page settings where you can change the discount message and add hex codes to customize the colors.  

Cart page display

Quantity discounts are calculated on the cart page. If a quantity discount is unlocked for a product, the customer will see the new discounted product price next to the original crossed-out wholesale price. They will also see the per-unit savings they unlocked in the Additional Discounts section.

cart page.png


Quantity discounts are only calculated on the cart page, and may not be visible in AJAX carts or cart drawers. These discounts will also not apply to manually created wholesale orders, as again, they're only calculated on the cart page in the front end of your shop.

If you discover any issues or have any questions, you can reach us at

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