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Introducing Wholesale Gorilla's Theme Management

We’re excited to introduce another powerful tool for your shop's tool belt!

Wholesale Gorilla now offers you the ability to calibrate our app to any of your shop's unpublished themes!

Why Update Unpublished Themes?

We understand the importance of ensuring that your store is set up correctly and functions seamlessly, and we believe that this new feature will help make the process even smoother for you.

So, why should you consider using an unpublished theme? Here are a few key advantages:

Accurate Pricing

By installing our app on an unpublished theme, you can be sure that your wholesale prices are accurate before making them available to your customers. This means you can test your pricing strategies and make any necessary adjustments without affecting your live store.

Customized checkout

Our app allows you to offer a customized checkout experience for your wholesale customers, ensuring that they are directed to the correct checkout process and that your pricing tiers are correctly applied.

Controlled product visibility

With our app, you can choose which products are visible to specific customers, ensuring that you're only showing the right products to the right people. By testing this functionality on an unpublished theme, you can make sure everything is set up exactly how you want it before going live.

Give your Shop the WSG Advantage

Overall, we believe that using an unpublished theme is the best way to test and refine your store's setup before making it available to the public. By taking advantage of our app's exclusive ability to publish on unpublished themes, you can ensure that everything is calibrated correctly and that your customers have the best possible shopping experience!

With Wholesale Gorilla, you can now test and verify Wholesale Gorilla is properly calibrated before publishing any new or updated theme, ensuring that at publication, everything just works.  With this new capability, you can also now confidently swap between calibrated themes to enhance your customers’ shopping experience while maintaining seamless wholesale functionality.  Some immediate benefits of calibrating Wholesale Gorilla to unpublished themes include:

  • Risk Reduction: You can now test your shop’s theme thoroughly before it goes live to avoid any potential issues or conflicts.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Ensure a seamless browsing and purchasing journey for your customers by identifying and fixing bugs or layout inconsistencies before they encounter them.
  • Time Savings: Save valuable time and effort spent on troubleshooting by catching and resolving problems during the pre-calibration phase.
  • Professional Image:  Maintain a polished and reliable storefront by ensuring that your theme is error-free and visually appealing when it goes live.

How to Calibrate Wholesale Gorilla To Unpublished Themes

So you'd like to set up Wholesale Gorilla on an unpublished theme.  Great choice!  Here is how to go about calibrating Wholesale Gorilla on an unpublished theme.

Navigate to your app dashboard, and click on "Help & Getting Started"



Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on Theme Management



Select which unpublished theme to calibrate with Wholesale Gorilla

Within Theme Management you can see which is currently published and viewed by your customers.  In addition, you can see your unpublished themes that have already been calibrated with Wholesale Gorilla.  

  • Select which non-calibrated, unpublished theme you would like calibrate and select "Install theme".



Return to the the Wholesale Gorilla Dashboard

Here you will find the status of your unpublished theme is now in the top right.

  • Selecting the new badge will present information on the status of your selected unpublished theme's calibration.


When the theme is updated, you will find a new notification in the Wholesale Gorilla dashboard indicating that the theme was successfully updated

At the point, we recommend you navigate through your store logged in with a wholesale account to verify proper calibration with your unpublished theme before publication.  We recommend testing the following pages to ensure proper calibration:

Home and collection pages:

  • Verify collections show correct pricing and are properly excluding products.

Product pages

  • Ensure product pricing is displayed correctly
  • Verify collections (e.g., "related" or "recently viewed" collections) show correct pricing and are properly excluding products.
  • Verify ajax cart pricing is correct.  (changing ajax settings may require re-calibration)
  • Verify that ajax cart checkout buttons only take wholesale customers to `/pages/ws-cart` and not Shopify's checkout page.  

Account page

  • Verify Quick Order Form button is displayed.  (Unless you have hidden it.  This setting can be found in Settings > Quick Order Form)

Quick Order Form:

  • Verify that the single page order form displays correct wholesale prices, and that you can navigate to the cart.

WSG Cart

  • Verify order limits and volume discounts are functional based on your account's tags.  


After verifying Wholesale Gorilla's functionality, you can feel confident that our app will function consistently and effectively before publishing your newly calibrated theme. 



Please Note!

  • You need to be running a version of Wholesale Gorilla that is 6.0 or greater to implement this feature!
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