Shopify markets

Wholesale Gorilla's markets feature, allows clients to use our app in conjunction with Shopify's Markets features, allowing you to sell wholesale in multiple countries and scale your wholesale business internationally. 

Wholesale Gorilla's markets feature is in beta

Currently it does not have full support with Shopify Markets.

Outlined below are the market features compatible with markets.

Features supported

  • Markets using the subfolder domain or primary domain setting.
  • Full support for all Markets that are set in the Primary currency of the shop.
  • Percentage discounts for markets that are set in a different currency.
  • Markets dynamic pricing that includes or excludes taxes based on your customer’s country

Features not currently supported

  • Fixed discounts and Subtotal Volume discounts for markets that are set in a different currency.
  • Custom domain to host a localized experience for a market.
  • Fixed Price list discounts(This might work naturally but we have no specific functionality to adjust/ not adjust prices based on Market price list )

You can currently only use percentage discounts with our markets feature

Ensure that all your pricing rules and discounts - volume and regular - are all percentage based.

Enabling markets

If you already have Shopify Markets set up, and you would like to make our app compatible with it, toggle the markets setting in our app.

From Account & Settings, navigate to Market Settings and select Markets is enabled on my store.

Shopify Markets multi-currency feature

If you plan to use markets multi-currency feature, you will need to make sure any fixed price discount that you have is converted to a percentage discount. Be sure to update discounts in the discount section and in the volume discount section. 

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about this feature or any anything else please reach out to us with your Myshopify URL at

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