CSV Price Upload & Download

Uploading & downloading non-volume price rules by CSV import is offered in the Advanced and Premium subscription packages.
Learn more about uploading CSV price rules, and other Advanced and Premium features here!

Clients subscribed to our Advanced & Premium Plans can create wholesale prices by uploading a .csv file, allowing you to create a whole slew of discount rules in one quick motion. This is a great choice for stores with a very large catalogs that want to set product level wholesale prices, as it will prevent you from having to set each rule up individually. 

You can also download your existing non-volume price rules by using this tool.

Wholesale pricing basics

To learn the basics of how wholesale discount rules work overall, you'll first want to review this guide. If you'd like to learn more about the different types of discount rules that we support, or need help setting up rules at the collection or site-wide level, then your next step will be to check out this guide

Uploading: Before You Begin...

There are a few important points about this feature to highlight, so please be sure to review the following information before using the CSV bulk upload tool. 

  • You can only choose one customer tag when uploading a CSV file. If you need to set prices for multiple customer tags, you will need to upload a separate CSV file for each tag.
  • CSV uploads can only be used to set fixed price product or variant wholesale prices. This means that you can not use the CSV upload tool for percent off style discount rules.  For other types of discount rules, follow this guide.   
  • The format of the CSV file is important, be sure to read the formatting section carefully. Your discount rules may not work as expected if the proper format isn't followed when uploading the file.  Please be sure to take a moment and confirm that you've followed the correct formatting before submitting your CSV.


First Steps: Prepare your CSV file


CSV File Format

The most important part of the CSV upload process is making sure your spreadsheet is formatted correctly.  The format accepted by Wholesale Gorilla is the same as the csv format used by Shopify when importing/exporting products to a csv.  We highly recommend that you export your product catalog from Shopify and add wholesale prices to this spreadsheet. This will not only save you time from having to type out the titles and other information for your catalog, but will also ensure that the required fields are present.

For more information on how to export your products to a .csv file, click here.


Required Fields on the .CSV File

The following columns are all required in the CSV file that you upload to our app, whether the listing does or does not include variants. 

  • Handle 
  • Title
  • Option 1 Name
  • Option 1 Value
  • Wholesale Price

If your listing also includes variants, then following additional fields are also required for each variant:

  • Option 2 Name
  • Option 2 Value
  • Any remaining Option X Name + Option X Value for variants you wish to discount

The order of columns doesn’t matter, but the above 5 columns (or 7+ columns, in the event of adding products with variants) must be present for the upload to work. Failing to add any one of these columns will cause the upload to fail, so it is absolutely necessary that each of these columns are present within the file.

When downloading the .csv product catalog from Shopify, the Wholesale Price column will not be included - you will need to add that manually, which we guide you through in the next step.


  • You may delete all other columns, so long as the core columns outlined above remain present in the file.


Setting the Wholesale Price

The Wholesale Price Column

Wholesale Gorilla looks for the wholesale price of a product (or variant) in a column titled Wholesale Price You must have this column present within your spreadsheet for the CSV upload feature to work.

In the Wholesale Price column, you will want to enter the exact wholesale price of the product or variant. The .csv file upload function is designed to create set price discounts only, so you may only enter the exact wholesale pricing at this time - no percent off style discount rules are able to be set through this upload method, nor are collection or site-wide level discount rules.  


When adding values to the 'Wholesale Price' field, please be sure to...

  • Use whole numbers or decimals. No commas are allowed.
  • Use only numerical characters. No currency symbols or special characters.
  • Leave the wholesale price field blank for any variants you don't want to set a wholesale price for.
  • If you do want to set a price for a variant, even if it has the same name as other variants on the listing, you must add a value to the 'Wholesale Price' column in order for it to take hold.
  • Any blank cells in the Wholesale Price column will be ignored, and no wholesale price will be set for that product/variant.
  • If there are entire products that you wish to leave priced at retail cost for that particular customer, then you can delete those product's rows from the spreadsheet, or leave the wholesale price field blank.  


Uploading Your CSV File to Wholesale Gorilla


Now that your .csv file is formatted correctly, it’s ready to upload to Wholesale Gorilla. You can follow these steps to lock the wholesale discounts into place. If you need to stop this process at any point, you may click the 'Cancel' button to do so. 

  1. From the Wholesale Gorilla App Dashboard, open the Discounts page. 

  2. Click the button Upload CSV file.


    Note: Don't see an 'Upload CSV file' button? This feature is only available for Pro Plan subscribers. If you've upgraded to the Pro Plan within the last 48 hours, we may still be working through your update; thank you for your patience, and this button will appear once we've sent you the 'all finished' email. 
  3. Click Add file to locate and add the file from a folder on your computer, or drag the .csv file to the upload area.


  4. Enter a single Customer tag.  CSV files can only be set for a single customer tag at a time.  You will need to upload multiple files if you wish to set wholesale prices for different customer tags.


  5. Optional: Check Delete all existing wholesale discounts.  

    Warning!  Clicking this will allow you to remove ALL previously created discount rules, so please be sure to only click it if you wish to remove your entire catalog of wholesale prices for all customer tags.


    If you choose to check this box, all of your existing wholesale prices will be deleted and replaced by the wholesale prices in this spreadsheet. This will not only delete rules associated with that specific tag, but instead will remove all previously created rules in this settings area. Please only check this box if you intend to remove ALL wholesale discounts created before this upload. 

    Uncheck this box and the wholesale prices in the CSV file will be appended to your current list of wholesale prices. If there is already a wholesale price for a product in your current wholesale price list under the associated tag, the price will be updated to the price you've created within the CSV file.

  6. Click Upload.

  7. Verify the sample import.


    During this step, we will show you a sample of the spreadsheet to confirm that we are correctly recognizing the Wholesale Price column. Please check the sample to make sure that the wholesale prices shown are correctly matching the intended product and/or variant.

  8. If the sample looks good, click Import Prices.


Reminder:  Clicking “Cancel” at any point in the process will stop the CSV upload process and your existing wholesale prices will not be changed or deleted. 

And that's all there is to it! Your new discount rules will take effect as soon as you add the applicable tags to your designated wholesale customer's accounts, and you can continue to add to the discount list whenever needed through additional CSV uploads and/or manual discount rule creation. 


A Closer Look: Customer Tags

  • Tags are case sensitive. For example, Approved and approved are NOT the same tag when it comes to using our app, as the capitalization does not perfectly match throughout the entire tag. 
  • Use only letters, numbers, and hyphens in your tag.
  • Because the upload function only allows for a single tag per upload, you may need to upload more than one .csv file to set prices for different customer groups. 
  • For more information on how our app interacts with Shopify's tag system, or on how to add these tags to your customer's account now that the rules are generated, please check out these guides


Troubleshooting CSV Discount Uploads

There are two types of messages that you may encounter while using the .csv upload tool: warning messages and error messages. 

If you encounter a warning or error message which is not listed below, or if you're having continued issues in attempting to resolve any errors encountered, please reach out to our team at support@wholesalegorilla.net so that we may help further. 


Warning Messages

Warnings are non-critical messages relating to your upload. These are minor issues that don’t necessarily mean you have to start the upload process over again, so you may choose to ignore these warnings if you prefer, or alternatively may fix any of the issues flagged by restarting the process. If a warning message appears, you have two options: 


1. Click Continue to complete the upload and ignore the warnings. This will ensure that your .csv uploaded rules are put into effect right away, aside from any warnings. 

2. Click Cancel to cancel out the upload and maintain your pre-existing discount rules. No new wholesale pricing rules will be created and you will need to start over.


Examples Warning Messages


Product not found in Shopify

This warning signals that a particular product-handle isn’t associated with a product in your Shopify store.  

  • If the product still exists on your store, make sure the product-handle in the CSV matches the actual product handle.  The product-handle can be found in the URL of the product’s page of your store.  In this example the product handle is black-leather-bag.
  • A particular variant of the product was not found on your Shopify store.  Sometimes variants are deleted or renamed, so make sure the values in the columns Option 1 Name and Option 1 Value match an existing variant on your store.  If you are not sure sometimes it helps to export your products from Shopify as a CSV again and verify the Option values are correct.
  • Wholesale prices cannot be created for custom products, or variants created by 3rd party apps.  Wholesale prices can only be created for products and variants that exist on your Shopify store and have a corresponding id.

Wholesale price is not correct

This warning means there is a problem with the value in the Wholesale Price field for this product or variant. We recommend reviewing the Wholesale Price field, keeping in mind that:

  • The value may only be set as a 'set price' discount; percent off discounts are not accepted at this time
  • The value must be whole numbers or decimal format
  • The value cannot contain commas
  • The value must be numbers only - no currency units or special characters


Examples of Error Messages


Unlike warning messages, error messages indicate problems which will prevent the upload process from completing successfully. Errors require you to restart the process, meaning none of the .csv file's discount rules will be created from this upload attempt, and none of the discount rules will be deleted if 'delete all existing rules' was checked.

You can read on for more information on which errors may arise, and how to deal with each one. If an error persists and this guide does not remedy the situation, please contact our team at support@wholesalegorilla.net for immediate support. 


Missing Required Columns in the Field

This error will occur whenever one of the five required fields hasn't been included in the spreadsheet. As a reminder, you will need to include the following 5 columns within the sheet, and the titles of each field must appear exactly as listed below: 

  • Handle 
  • Title
  • Option 1 Name
  • Option 1 Value
  • Wholesale Price

If the titles or order of the above columns aren't perfectly matching what's pictured above, you will need to edit the spreadsheet accordingly. You may then restart the upload process, and should see it work correctly moving forward. 

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