Creating and discounting manual orders

Creating a manual order for your wholesale customers is incredibly simple, and mostly follows the default Shopify Draft order process. Below are the steps to create a basic wholesale-priced order. Please note that this is a fully manual order, meaning you will still need to add on any shipping, tax, etc settings yourself. All of our order limit settings will also be ignored for these types of orders, so this will also be up to you to manually enforce if needed. 

Creating wholesale orders

  1. Create a new draft order in Shopify via the 'Create Order' button.


  2. Add all of the products to it that you'd like to include on this order.


  3. Add a customer to the order. Remember, this customer must have perfectly matching tags on their account that match your price rule's tags in the Wholesale Gorilla settings. That being said, you do not want to add the tags directly to this draft order, as that can cause it to malfunction in the next steps. mceclip2.png


  4. Save the order.

  5. Towards the top of the freshly saved draft order page, you'll want to select More actions > Add wholesale discount.


Follow the on screen prompts and wait until you are directed back to the draft order to see wholesale prices. 


Once the discount has been calculated and applied, you'll be left with a wholesale priced order; the retail price will be crossed out, and the wholesale price will be listed alongside it. You can now send this order via email to your customer for payment through Shopify's payment gateway, hold onto it for as long as needed, or even charge for outside of Shopify if you so wish. Any applicable account/wholesale price rule tags will be added to the order as well, which can be used for quickly sorting these out from your retail draft orders. 




OPTIONAL: If you wish to add on taxes, shipping, or any additional discounts to the order, you can do so via those settings in the 'Payment' box. These will remain adjustable until the order is paid for or updated to a status beyond 'Draft', so you'll want to make sure that you handle any business with these before the order is updated. 


Please make sure there are no tags on the draft order before applying the wholesale discount. 

Please note this a fully manual order. Any minimum rules, shipping rates, etc. will be ignored and only the wholesale price rules will be applied.

To learn more about creating manual orders in Shopify click here.

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