Shopify's new customer accounts & Wholesale Gorilla

The quick order form is offered in the Advanced and Premium subscription packages.
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Shopify provides store owners with two distinct Customer Account setting options:

  • Classic customer accounts and
  • New customer accounts

New customer accounts can influence your shop's ability to manage customers within Wholesale Gorilla. In this article, we'll delve into the specific implications of using New Customer Accounts, focusing on its impact on your wholesale customers and the settings within your Wholesale Gorilla app. To learn more about Shopify's customer account settings, click here.

Accessing the Quick Order Form with Shopify New Customer Accounts 


When using New Customer Accounts, customers will no longer have a 'Customer account page'. With the removal of this page, the ability to include a custom message and the presence of the Quick Order Form button will be discontinued.

The only other way to access the quick order form is from the wholesale cart page. To enhance the convenience for your wholesale customers, you have the option to add QOF links to your main navigation. 

Adding a link in your main navigation will make the form accessible to your retail customers. Retail customers will see only their retail items at retail cost on the form, while all wholesale exclusive items and pricing will remain protected behind the tagged account login requirement.

Wholesale Login Form with Shopify New Customer Accounts

Because your customers now log in with a one time passcode, our login form is no longer viable. All wholesale customers must use the default, Shopify based login page to access their accounts moving forward. You can still use our signup form, but will need to direct all customers to your main login page from this point on. 

Auto-Activation & Auto-Tag Settings with Shopify New Customer Accounts 

Auto-Activation with Shopify's New Customer Accounts

New Customer Accounts instantly approves a customer's account request, and completely does away with the previous 'Account Profile' vs. 'Account' system. This prevents you from being able to keep an account request in a pending state while you review it by turning our signup form's 'Auto-Activation' setting to 'Off'.

When using New Customer Accounts, our Auto-Activation setting works purely as a notification option: If you wish to be notified of new wholesale account signups, you can continue to leave 'Auto-Activation' off. In doing so, please note that you will no longer need to send them an account invite or approve their account; you may see this in the notification you are sent, and are safe to disregard it.

Auto-Tag settings with Shopify's New Customer Accounts

If you have already set up the 'Auto-Tag' setting, you will not need to take any further steps in order for them to gain instant wholesale access. 

If you wish to vet wholesale account access, you will want to keep 'Auto-Tag' turned off - that way you can manually add the discount rule tags to your customer's account only after reviewing their account. A customer will only have retail access until discount rule tags are added to their account tags - so this is the sole method to vetting a customer's potential wholesale account before they can access any wholesale settings within the app. 

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