Verify Wholesale Gorilla is calibrated to your theme

Verifying calibration

If you decide to verify the installation was correctly calibrated on your own, you will be prompted to log into your store with a provided test wholesale account and navigate throughout your shop to verify that wholesale pricing is correctly taking effect.

Verifying collection calibration

The first part of the verification process includes searching collection pages to ensure that all collection types in your shop are behaving correctly:

  • Prices Change: all items should show a price of $1.11
  • Exclusions flow: We have removed a few random products from this page, make sure there are no large gaps in your grid of products.
  • Quickview (if applicable): If your collection features a Quickview button, make sure the product price and variants are $1.11.

Verifying product calibration

Next, you will be prompted to verify that the following elements on your product pages are behaving correctly:

  • Prices change: The price of the product and any variants are $1.11.
  • Recommended products (if applicable): Any other products visible on the page are also $1.11.
  • Add the product to the cart: If you use a cart drawer or pop-out cart, the product price and subtotal should be $1.11.

Verifying shop calibration

Finally, you’ll be prompted to finalize your shop’s installation verification by:

  • Homepage: If you have any products on your homepage, these prices should be $1.11.
  • Search (if applicable): Search for a product, the product price should be $1.11.
  • Account page: Navigate to the account page, you should see a link to the Quick Order Form.
  • Account Page: Navigate to the account page, you should see a link to the Quick Order Form.
  • Quick Order Form: Use the link on the last step to visit the Quick Order Form. It should be well formatted and without style issues.

Calibrating - next steps

If you see any issues anywhere along the way, click either the “Didn’t Work” or the “Need Help” button, including any issue you observed in the notes, and one of our installation technicians will calibrate and finish the verification process for you, free of charge.

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