General App Settings

Order & App Notifications

You are able to enable notifications upon draft order creation, and customize where Wholesale Gorilla sends these and other notifications to you.  

Draft order notification

Enabling order notifications ensures you’re notified when a new Net or International Order has been placed and requires your attention.  The notification will be sent to the email provided below this option.


You are able to add multiple email inputs to this field, each separated by a comma.  Each email added will have all notifications sent to it.  

Enabling the app embed

In order to use Wholesale Gorilla, you will need to toggle our app's embed on within your theme.

Our app's code needs to 'embed' into your theme code in order to run any functions; therefore, you must toggle our app's embed on within your live theme before you will see any wholesale features activate.  Learn more about how to enable the app embed.

Default languages

Our app's custom pages and text can be translated to any of the languages which we currently offer, and further can only be translated via our app's translation settings, meaning that other apps and programs will not be able to adjust these custom forms or lines of text.

To change the language used on Wholesale Gorilla’s pages and in messages shown to wholesale customers, follow these steps:

  1. Open Wholesale Gorilla and navigate to the Account and Settings page and scroll down to Default language.

  2. Select a language.

  3. Save.


    (Don’t see a Language Settings section on your Settings page? Translations require the latest version of Wholesale Gorilla to run, so if you don’t see an option to switch languages on your Settings page you can email to request an update.)

Note on translations

Enabling translations through the app's settings will ensure that our custom pages are switched to the language of your choosing. We will not adjust any other pages throughout your site, so you will likely need to utilize a different translation app if that is needed.

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