Hosted Shop Settings & Customizations

The Wholesale Shop is where your wholesale customers make purchases on your store once you give them login credentials. The Wholesale Shop is enabled as soon as you install Wholesale Gorilla and it shows your wholesale pricing and features to your wholesale customers. When B2B customers log in, they will only have access to the dedicated wholesale section of your store.

The benefits of the Wholesale Shop
Immediate availability
The Wholesale Shop is available from day 1, regardless of the Wholesale Gorilla plan you choose (Essential, Advanced, or Premium).

No theme integration required

Since the Wholesale Shop is hosted by Wholesale Gorilla, theme integration is required to sell wholesale, meaning you don’t have to wait for our team to add any code. Additionally, when you update your store theme, the Wholesale Shop activates to ensure your wholesale orders continue to flow until your new theme is integrated (1-2 days).
No app conflicts

Since it is hosted by Wholesale Gorilla, the Wholesale Shop eliminates any potential conflicts with other apps.

The choice is yours! 

Whether you use the Hosted Shop as your main wholesale storefront, or as a backup during theme updates (Advanced & Premium), you’ll have access to a handful of customizations to tweak the shop to your liking.

Customizing the Wholesale Shop

You can locate the Hosted Shop settings via the ‘Online Store’ section of the app dashboard, per the ‘Settings Page’ option in the ‘Wholesale Store Setup’ category.

You can add an optional message, displayed at the top of your Wholesale Shop, to align with your brand and/or to welcome your customers to shop wholesale.

To adjust the Banner message, edit the text in the ‘Custom Text’ box, and then click the ‘Save’ button.

Customizing the wholesale account page

Customize what your B2B customers see when they log in to your store. You can use this message to update your customers on new products and discounts.

Once saved, the banner message will appear at the very top of the Hosted Shop, exclusively to logged in wholesale customers; this is a great place to announce deals or special instructions!


Customizing the catalog

The catalog page allows B2B customers to find and shop your products, mirroring your main site’s collection pages. You can choose to display all of your products on this page as one big collection, or curate which collections are included in the left hand menu.

Your Catalog option will be visible at the top of the Hosted Shop, as seen below:

You can choose to hide sold out items via the ‘Hide Sold Out Product’ toggle. This setting hides items that have an inventory of 0, so long as they are not marked to continue selling via the listing’s core settings. To turn this on, tick the box. To turn this off, untick the box. Remember to save!

You can also customize the collections that appear on the catalog, via the ‘Choose Collections’ and ‘Add all collections’ options. 

By clicking the ‘Choose Collections’ option, a menu will appear with all collections available: 

You can select all of the collections you’d like to add via their tick boxes, and can then click the ‘Add’ button once done. The collection list will populate, and you can move these up and down the list to adjust what order they appear in for your customers: 


Note: A collection will *only* populate on this list if it is published to your online store. Publishing a collection will not make it available to retail customers - it just ensures that the collection is live overall, to be published in the hosted shop. If you’ve added a collection but the items are not loading when you test things out, please double check that it has been published in your online store. If the products still do not load, please contact our support team at


If you ever want to remove a collection, you can use the ‘Delete’ option, or can remove all with the ‘Clear All’ button. 

Customizing color settings

Control your branding by choosing custom colors for the Wholesale Shop.
Edit the information that appears in the footer of all pages on your Wholesale Shop. You can also select to include Terms or Service and/or a Privacy Policy.

Customizing the wholesale cart


Once your wholesale customers have put together an order via the Catalog & Quick Order Form shopping areas, they can navigate to their cart to make any last minute tweaks and  finish checking out. A cart icon will appear in the upper right of the shop, as well as at the bottom of the Quick Order Form pages. 


Below is an example of what the cart page will look like: 



You have access to a handful of customizations of this cart page, including customizing the order note, adjusting your customer’s taxes and allowing for international draft checkouts. All of these settings are outlined here ( 


Adding a wholesale login and signup form


By adding our wholesale login and signup form to your main site navigation, your customers can generate wholesale accounts to access the hosted store. You also have the option to manually create their wholesale account, or to convert an existing retail account if they are already in your system. You can read about adding the signup & login forms, as well as general wholesale account creation, through these guides ( 


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