Shopify markets and wholesale discounts

Shopify Markets - an overview

Wholesale Gorilla now integrates with Shopify Markets, a powerful cross-border management tool designed to streamline your international sales strategy.

Markets compatibility is only available for shops with active theme integration. Learn more about theme integration.

Shopify Markets allows merchants to identify, set up, and manage your international markets, all within your Shopify store. Target specific countries or regions, or group them together to simplify your expansion efforts. You can create custom shopping experiences tailored to different customer segments, and optimize your global sales with ease.

With Wholesale Gorilla, your B2B platform can now go global -  offering integration with Shopify Markets, you are able to sell cross-border, accept multiple currencies, and reach customers worldwide, all from your single Shopify platform.  Learn more about Shopify Markets.


Markets & currency pricing

Markets let you customize your brand experience by applying different settings to various countries or regions. For instance, you can create a market for North America covering Canada, the United States, and Mexico with one set of settings, and another market solely for Australia with its own unique settings.

When selling to markets, customers can view prices, make payments, and receive refunds in their local currency. Prices are automatically converted based on current exchange rates, but you can set them manually. Customize pricing for each market by rounding prices and adjusting percentages. Ensure a seamless experience by providing a country selector for customers to choose their local currency.  Learn more about pricing in local currencies.

Tax-Inclusive Product Pricing

Merchants that sell internationally can include or exclude taxes in product prices based on the customer's location.

When activated, customers in countries or regions such as the United Kingdom have prices displayed inclusive of their local value added tax (VAT), or exclusive of taxes in countries or regions such as the United States, where customers expect to have taxes added at checkout.  Learn more about tax-inclusive product pricing.

Setting tax-inclusion on product prices in Shopify

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Navigate to settings: On the left-hand sidebar, click on "Settings."
  3. Select Taxes & Duties: In the Settings menu, find and click on "Taxes & Duties."
  4. Scroll to "Global Settings": Scroll down the Taxes & Duties page until you reach "Global Settings."
  5. Toggle sales tax option: Find the option "Include sales tax in product price and shipping rate." Toggle this option on or off as needed.
  6. Save your changes.

Ensuring tax settings in Wholesale Gorilla match your Shopify settings

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel, and open Wholesale Gorilla
  2. Navigate to Checkout Settings in Our App: In the side navigation menu of our app, select "Checkout."
  3. Scroll down to "Checkout settings."
  4. Click on "Manage checkout."
  5. Adjust Tax Settings: Find the section labeled "Taxes." Toggle the "My wholesale prices include tax" button to match the setting in your Shopify tax settings. This ensures that the fixed prices in our app reflect whether they should include tax or not.
  6. Save Your Changes.

Rounding prices

When selling in markets, exchange conversions can cause product prices and shipping rates to have inconsistent price endings. You can decide to round your product prices and shipping rates to avoid inconsistent price endings after the currency conversion process. Your converted prices change based on the foreign exchange rate, but applying rounding rules keeps your prices and shipping rates stable.  When rounding rules are activated, prices are automatically rounded to the defaulted common denominator for each currency.

Wholesale customers checking out in their local currency may receive higher product prices at checkout.

If you round prices in Markets, Shopify will round UP when calculating currency conversions for customers shopping in a different currency than your primary market.  Product prices will round up to the nearest lowest physical denomination of currency, depending on the market.

Customers shopping in your primary currency will not be affected.

Learn more about rounding prices with Shopify Markets.

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