Quick Set Up with Wholesale Gorilla

Welcome to Wholesale Gorilla!

If you're new to our platform, this is the place to start.  To ensure you get the most out of our app's extensive features, let's begin by setting up the essentials so we can begin to understand how Wholesale Gorilla interacts with your Shopify store.

Hello there!

Before we begin, the most important thing to know is... we're here to help!  If at any time you have a question please reach out to our support team by clicking the "Help" button, found in the bottom left of any page in the app admin.

Or email us: support@wholesalegorilla.com

3-Step Quick Start Guide

Follow these steps to get the basics up and running:

    1. Create a Wholesale Pricing Rule (5 mins)

      Offering exclusive prices to certain customers is the foundation of how the app works.

    2. Create a Wholesale Customer Account (10 mins)

      Create dedicated wholesale customer accounts to identify which customers receive special pricing.

    3. Test Your Configuration as a Wholesale Customer (10 mins)

      Use the test account you just created to shop your store as a wholesale customer and verify that the discounts and settings are applied correctly.

After these quick steps, you can begin to take advantage of our app's full suite of features, bringing your wholesale business to the next level.

Up Next: Step 1: Create a Wholesale Pricing Rule

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