Can I make a discount rule that is higher in price than my retail price?

No, it is not currently possible to make a wholesale discount at a higher price than the retail/listing price. 


Our app will always offer your wholesale customer the lowest available price on a product, so this is not possible. If you price an item for retail at a cost lower than your discount rule, the lower price will always win out, meaning that your customer would just receive the retail price -- rather than the higher wholesale price.

If you wish to offer products at a lower price to your retail customers than your wholesale ones, our best recommendation is to check out our Product Exclusion settings. This function will allow you to make a listing exclusive to either wholesale or retail customers only, which would basically allow for you to make two sets of listings: one that is priced lower for retail, and one that is priced higher for wholesale. This will ensure that your wholesale customers can only access the higher priced version of your item, as the other listings will be hidden from them upon logging in...However, it is worth keeping in mind that they will still be able to see & potentially order that lower-priced version if they simply choose to log out of their wholesale account, so this workaround might not offer a solid fix for this situation. For more info on our Exclusion Settings, you can check out this guide.  

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