My retail price shows briefly before the wholesale price appears - Should I be concerned?

No, there is no need for concern in this situation.


This happens due to the fact that our app loads it’s script in near the end of your overall page loading process. First your theme will load up all of the basic page elements (navigation, styles, etc) and the product listings themselves. Next your site will load in a cocktail of app-based data, including things like pop-ups, discount wheels, and any pricing from our app. The more data that this process must load up, the longer it will take for our app to run it’s script. This means that the only way to speed up your discount load-in is to speed up the other processes of your site’s load up.

You can use this tool to learn what might be slowing your site down the most, and potentially adjust these elements for an overall faster load in:


For now, our best recommendation is to apply the 'Display Settings' that our app offers, particularly the 'Animate Wholesale Price Changes' option. Turning this on will ensure that there will be a smooth fade-in effect on all wholesale prices within your store, which will replace the original load in altogether. The customer will still see the retail pricing, but it will have a purposeful appearance, and lead to less confusion or potential for the pricing to get stuck on load in. You can read more about our Display Settings here.

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