How do wholesale customers pay for their orders?

Your wholesale customers can pay for their orders with whichever payment options you've made available in Shopify. 


All orders are processed via Shopify's payment gateway, meaning that your customers will be able to use whichever payment methods you currently provide via your shop's main settings. If you choose to have your customers pay for their orders up front, they'll be going through our custom checkout, but ultimately will have whatever payment options you've chosen to offer your retail customers to pay with. If you choose to delay payment via our 'Net Terms' or 'International Draft Order' settings, your customers can still pay via that payment gateway once you provide them with an emailed link to pay for the invoice, or otherwise you may capture payment manually through whatever means you wish. 


Wholesale Gorilla doesn't store any credit card information or process payments for security reasons, so it will not be possible to hold onto this info via our app. All non-net orders created by wholesale gorilla are sent back to Shopify for processing and placed in the orders tab, while all net & draft orders are sent to your 'draft' tab in Shopify. 

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