Product-Level Volume Discounts: A Step By Step Guide

Product Quantity Discounts

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Product Quantity discounts allow you to give wholesale customers extra discounts based on the quantity of a product in the cart. Incentive customers to buy more by offering quantity breaks on specific products or variants.


To create a Quantity Discount, from the app admin open the Volume Discounts page.  Click Product Quantity Discounts, and then click the blue Create Discount button.

Quantity discounts are only available to wholesale customers, and are extra discounts offered on top of the wholesale price of the product.


Quantity discounts are set per-product, so start by clicking Select Product.  This opens a product picker dialog.  Select a product, and click Add.


If a product has variants you will see a checkbox “Apply discount to all variants.”  

If this box is checked: Quantity discounts will be triggered by the total quantity of the product in the cart, including variants.  

For example let’s say you have a product Red T-Shirt with the variants small, medium, and large.  If you set a discount for 10% off when a customer buys 10+ Red T-Shirts, this discount will be triggered if the user buys 10+ Red T-shirts with any combination of variants.   5 Red T-shirts (small) and 5 Red T-shirts (medium), 8 Red T-Shirts (large), 2 Red T-Shirts (small), etc.

If this box is unchecked: Unchecking this box will open inputs for each variant of a product, so you can set quantity discounts specific to each variant for a product.   

Using the example above, let’s say you only set a variant-level discount for the Red T-Shirt: buy 10+ Red T-shirts (small), get an extra 20% off.  Any quantities of medium and large Red T-Shirts will be ignored, and only 10 or more Red T-Shirts (small) will trigger the 20% discount.   


Percent Off

Selecting “Percent off” will apply the quantity discount as an additional discount on top of the wholesale price of the product.  For example if the wholesale price is $10.00 each, and the quantity discount is buy 10+ get 10% off, the wholesale price will be $9.00 each.

Set Price

Selecting “Set Price” allows you to set a new wholesale price for the product.  For example if the wholesale price of the product is $10.00, and you set a quantity discount of buy 10+ the Set Price is $7.50, the wholesale price will be $7.50.

Note: Throughout Wholesale Gorilla the customer will always receive the lowest price they are eligible for, so make sure your Quantity Discounts are less than the wholesale price of the product.


Below the Percent Off/Set Price selection you will see rows of inputs where you can set your discount tiers.  If your product has variants, and you unchecked “Apply discount to all variants,”  Then you will see separate sections for each variant. 

Any input rows left blank will be ignored.

Min. Quantity

Enter the minimum number of items that will trigger the quantity discount.  For example if you would like to give a customer 5% off once a they buy 5 or more items you would enter:

add tier.png


You can offer customers a range of discount tiers, unlocking bigger discounts as the customer buys more.  To add another discount tier, click the “Add Tier” button in a discount group.  This adds another input row where you can set the additional quantity breaks. 

For example, if you want to create the following discount tiers:

Buy 5-9, get 5% off

Buy 10-15, get 10% off

Buy 20 or more, get 15% off

You would enter the following:

multi tier.png

After saving the app calculates the ranges for each tier, so you just need to enter the minimum quantity to trigger a specific tier.


To delete a tier click the trashcan icon next to the tier you wish to remove.


If you are setting variant-level Quantity Discounts the instructions are the same, except you will need to set your tiers for each variant.  If you don’t want to set quantity discounts for a variant you can leave it blank and it will be ignored.


If a product has an active quantity discount, wholesale customers will see a detailed price breakdown on the product page on your store. Usually this appears right below the product description.

pricing table.png

Even if you set a Percent Off discount-type, the table will display the discounted product price as the new unit price of the product.  This way the customer can see the actual price of the item they are purchasing. 


You can customize the table header text and color by opening the Volume Discounts page from the Wholesale Gorilla app admin. Click Settings, and scroll down to the Product Page Settings section.


Quantity discounts are calculated on the cart page. If a quantity discount is unlocked for a product, the customer will see the new discounted product price next to the original crossed-out wholesale price. They will also see the per-unit savings they unlocked in the Additional Discounts section.

cart page.png

Note: Quantity discounts are only calculated on the cart page, and may not be visible in AJAX carts or cart drawers. These discounts will also not apply to manually created wholesale orders, as again, they're only calculated on the cart page in the front end of your shop. 

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