Price Display Settings

The wholesale discount display settings are found within the 'Settings' section of the app dashboard, and look like this: 



Display Retail Price

Enabling this option allows you to display the original retail price of products next to the wholesale price on collection pages, product pages, and the Wholesale Gorilla Quick Order form.

Once you tick the box to 'Enable', you'll then be able to choose from the label that appears next to the retail price, as well as whether it is lower opacity or written as a strikethrough. You can tick whichever boxes you prefer, and just need to be sure and click 'Save' once finished choosing these options. 


Wholesale Price Transitions

Animate Wholesale Price Changes - Checking this box enables a smooth fade-in effect on all wholesale prices in your store.

Prices typically change after all of your store’s code runs on page load. If you have a lot of apps installed on your store or you display a large number of products on a collection page, you may notice a visible delay in wholesale price changes.

If so, enabling this might help create a better user experience for your customers by hiding all prices on your store and then fading them in when they’ve successfully changed to wholesale.


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