Premium Plan Features

Our Premium plan is a feature-rich subscription tier tailored to professionals, offering enhanced features, priority support, advanced analytics, and customizable content. In this article, we'll explore the diverse range of features it provides, empowering stores to excel in their B2B commerce. 

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Before setting up any Premium features, please follow the 3-step Getting Started Guide to get the basics of the app up and running.

Quantity discounts

The "Quantity Discounts" feature in the Premium plan empowers store owners to provide enticing discounts to their wholesale customers. This feature allows businesses to effortlessly implement tiered pricing, rewarding bulk purchases with cost savings. It's an invaluable tool for enhancing customer relationships and boosting sales, making it easier than ever for businesses to cater to the diverse needs of their clientele.
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Tag overrides for product exclusions

The Premium plan introduces the "Tag Overrides for Product Exclusions" feature, empowering merchants to efficiently manage their wholesale customer groups. By assigning product tags and defining rules, merchants can now hide specific sets of products from designated customer groups, streamlining product access control and personalizing the wholesale experience. This feature simplifies the process of catering to diverse customer needs, enhancing the merchant's ability to offer exclusive products to specific client segments.
Learn more about tag overrides for product exclusions here.

Log in to view prices

In the Advanced & Premium plans, the "Log In to View Prices" feature offers merchants enhanced control over wholesale pricing. With this feature, prices for products are hidden to the public and will only be visible to logged-in wholesale account users. This functionality adds an extra layer of privacy and exclusivity, ensuring that wholesale pricing is accessible only to those with authorized access, thus safeguarding sensitive pricing information while simplifying the shopping experience for wholesale customers.
Learn more about setting up Log in to view prices here.

Locked pages

The "Locked Pages" feature in the Premium plan provides merchants with flexible control over their online store's accessibility. Merchants can choose to lock specific pages or their entire store, granting access exclusively to specific customers, whether they're retail or wholesale clients. This feature enhances security and customization, allowing businesses to tailor their online presence to cater to the unique needs of different customer segments, ultimately ensuring a seamless and secure browsing experience.
Learn more about setting up Locked pages here.

File upload

With the Premium plan, the "File Upload" feature simplifies the wholesale account registration process. Wholesale customers can easily upload essential documents like tax information, streamlining the verification process for merchants. This feature provides a centralized hub for merchants to access and manage all uploaded files, ensuring a hassle-free and organized way to collect necessary information from customers, making account management more efficient and secure.
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Automated Payment terms

Within the Premium plan, the "Payment Terms" feature provides premium merchants with the ability to offer automations to our customizable payment terms, including due dates, to their customers with Net Terms. This feature enhances flexibility in payment arrangements, meeting the unique requirements of specific customer groups. Additionally, premium subscribers can take advantage of the "Tag Overrides for Payment Terms" feature, allowing them to set different payment terms for distinct customer groups by assigning product tags, further personalizing the payment experience. This dual functionality ensures that premium merchants can tailor their payment processes to suit the diverse needs of their clientele, providing an exceptional level of control and convenience.
Learn more about setting up Payment terms here.

Custom form fields

Premium users in the Premium plan gain access to the versatile "Custom Form Fields" feature, enabling them to tailor their forms to specific needs. This feature allows for the addition of customizable inputs like dropdown menus, Tax ID fields, phone numbers, websites, multi-line text boxes with headers and placeholders, terms and conditions agreements, marketing opt-in choices, and the convenient file upload option. Whether you're populating a list of sales representatives or collecting essential data from customers, "Custom Form Fields" offers the flexibility to create tailored forms that enhance your data collection and customer interaction processes.
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Locked content 

The Locked page content feature in the Premium plan provides merchants with the ability to customize messaging when users land on restricted pages. This feature allows merchants to create personalized and informative messages, ensuring a seamless and informative user experience for customers encountering restricted content. It enhances user communication and engagement, making the browsing experience both secure and user-friendly, thereby reinforcing the brand's professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.
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