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Now that your store wholesale ready, it's time to start getting some orders!  We have a number of helpful tips and resources for maximizing the success of your B2B sales channel, but the first step is to get wholesale customers shopping your store.  

1. Create wholesale discount rules

Some stores can set one discount rule for all of their wholesale customers and keep things simple, while others may have many different customer groups, each with their own unique pricing.  With Wholesale Gorilla you can set as many different discount rules, for as many customer groups as you like. 

Create Discount Rules for Your Various Customer Groups

  • Open Wholesale Gorilla and navigate to the Discounts page
  • Add all of your discount rules.

Helpful Tips

  • If you just need to set one discount rule for all of your B2B customers, that's fine!  This means all of your wholesale customers will have the same tag on their account.
  • Have a lot of discount rules?  Upgrade to our Pro Offering to use our CSV upload feature to populate your discounts list.
  • You can set unique prices for specific customer groups by using different customer tags.

    Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 10.54.16 AM.png

    In this example, the same collection has different prices for 2 different customer groups.

2. Customize quick order form

Customize Quick Order Form

The Quick Order Form is a great way for repeat customers to quickly and easily place large orders, while boosting your revenue. It's especially useful for people who already know your products and want to easily place an order without any hassle.

Quick Order Form Quick Links

3. Invite wholesale customers to shop your store

Making it easy for customers to shop your store is what Wholesale Gorilla does best, but you will need customers to know about your awesome new wholesale shopping experience first!


Decide How Customers Will Create Accounts

As we went through earlier in the guide, customers have 3 ways they can create accounts on your store.  You can use one, or all of the methods below to get customers to your shop.

Wholesale signup form

This self-serve option is great for sales leads, cold-emails, or for stores with a large number of wholesale customers.  If you choose this option, you can email your list of potential buyers a link to the signup form, and they can take it from there.

Create accounts for them

Eliminating friction in the sales funnel is always a good idea, so manually creating accounts for your customers is a great way to add a white glove experience to your sales flow.  Generally you should only use this method if you already have a relationship with a buyer.

When you manually create a customer account you will need to send them an Account invite.  This is a great place to incentivize the buyer with extra discounts or urgency (more on that below).

Change existing accounts to wholesale

If your customers already have accounts then you can add wholesale tags to these existing accounts - there is no need to create new accounts for them. 

If you decide to go this route, you probably will want to notify your customers that the next time they log in, they will be viewing your wholesale store.  The individual touch is always appreciated, but if you want to send a notice to all of them at once, you can export a selected list of customers to capture their email addresses in a CSV.  Once you have a CSV of their emails, you can put them into the email client or CRM of your choosing to send a bulk email, letting customers know they can now shop wholesale on your store.

4. Incentivize customers to make their first purchase

Getting customers to adopt a new way of ordering from you can be a tricky dance, but once they place their first order and see how easy it is, there is no going back!  Here are just a few tips on how to drive adoption of your new B2B sales channel. 

These can be great offers to include in the Account activation emails, or welcome emails to new wholesale customers.

  • Give an extra discount - Add urgency with a temporary Cart Subtotal discount.  You can temporarily enable this feature, so customers can get an extra discount on their wholesale orders.  Simply pick a date to turn it off, and let your buyers know that time is limited!
  • Net terms online only - If you use net terms, consider offering it for online orders only.  This can be an enticing way to get existing customers to switch to online ordering.
  • Limited time Free Shipping - Set or lower your free shipping threshold, but only for a limited time!  Get buyers to act fact with a temporary free shipping campaign.


What's Next?

Additional Features & Tools

Customizing the Look and Feel of Wholesale Gorilla


Helpful Resources

We at Wholesale Gorilla are here to support you, on your schedule. We’re available to chat Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm Eastern. You can also always contact us by emailing us at support@wholesalegorilla.com.

If you’d like a little more help, we’d also be happy to schedule a quick Zoom session with you to ensure your shop is fully set up with Wholesale Gorilla, by clicking scheduling here.

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