Popular Features & Tools

Now that you have a basic understanding of how Wholesale Gorilla works, we encourage you to configure the advanced features that will help you take your wholesale business to the next level. Here are some features used most by our experienced and successful customers to drive scale and revenue.

Manually create wholesale orders

Create orders on behalf of your customers, quickly apply wholesale prices, and send them invoices.Learn how to create a manual order.

Quick Order Form  

Give your wholesale customers a simple way to place orders.  This can help you speed up the order process and improve customer satisfaction. The Quick Order Form is one of the most popular features we offer. Set up the Quick Order Form

Net terms  

Your wholesale customers can pay on their own terms, rather than requiring them to pay upfront.  This is a great way to establish trust and reward loyal customers. Get started with Net terms

Custom Shipping

Set customized wholesale shipping rates.

Save money on shipping, and make your B2B shop even more competitive.

Set up Wholesale Shipping rules

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