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The quick order form is offered in the Advanced and Premium subscription packages.
Learn more about the quick order form and other Advanced and Premium features here!

The Quick Order Form is a great way for repeat customers to quickly and easily place large orders, while boosting your revenue. It's especially useful for people who already know your products and want to easily place an order without any hassle.

Users on the Advanced and Premium plans will see the Quick Order Form linked in the main navigation of their Wholesale Shop.  For users with a Theme Integration the Quick Order Form is linked to on the Customer Account and Wholesale Cart pages.

Customizing the Quick Order Form

Customizing the title & description

You can customize the area at the top of the Quick Order Form via the 'Page' settings in Shopify. This area can support all elements that Shopify's custom page editor allows for, including text, images and hyperlinks.

  • Open Wholesale Gorilla and navigate to Online Store  and select Customize quick order form to open the Quick Order Form admin page.  
  • Select Edit page description 

    navigate to the quick order form and select 'edit page description.'

  • In the Content section of the page settings you will see placeholder text.  Select all of the text and blank space in this text box and delete it.
  • Add the desired text, images, or other content to this section.
  • Save.

customize the quick order form's title and content

Content added to the page will appear in the header of the Quick Order Form

By default the Quick Order Form doesn't include any navigation, and just displays all of your products as one big list. You can add collection based navigation to the Quick Order Form by following these steps.

Open the Quick Order Form page in the Wholesale Gorilla admin, and scroll down to the Navigation section.  Here you can select and arrange the collections that appear on the Order Form navigation menu.

Adding Collections
  • Open Wholesale Gorilla and navigate to Online Store  and select Customize quick order form to open the Quick Order Form admin page.  Select Choose Collections.  
  • Select the collections you want to add to the Order Form menu



To add all of the collections on your store to the Order Form navigation you can click Add All Collections.


Changing the Order Of Collections

To change the order the collections appear in the Order Form navigation, click and hold on the collection to drag it to the position you'd like it included to.



Removing Collections

To remove a collection from the Order Form navigation, click the Delete button next to the collection.  Alternatively to delete all collections in the navigation click Clear all.


Displaying SKU & inventory information

Important!  Wholesale Gorilla's inventory settings will only work if Shopify tracks your product inventory.  Wholesale Gorilla gets inventory information for a product from the product's page in your Shopify admin. 

Displaying SKUs for products

A SKU will only be displayed if you've assigned one to the product listing in the Shopify admin.  Once you have taken this step, you can enable the Display Product SKU setting in the Quick Order Form settings section of our app, and the SKU will then appear alongside the listing on the form.

displaying product SKUs

Displaying Inventory

To show the remaining available inventory for a product on the Order form:

  • Open Wholesale Gorilla and navigate to the Quick Order Form page.
  • Select Display amount remaining. and save.

display inventory settings

Enabling Backordered and Out-of-stock messages.
  • Open Wholesale Gorilla and click the Settings tab.
  • Scroll to the Inventory section and make sure you have checked, Shopify tracks my inventory.
  • Check, Enable backordered/out-of-stock messages.
  • Save.


Backordered messages will now display a tool tip letting your customers know that over-ordering is allowed.  Hovering over the "i" icon will show any additional information.

Displaying a shipping date
Shipping dates will be displayed next to out-of-stock or backordered items if you've set up a transfer for the product in your Shopify admin. If you have set an incoming inventory amount, the amount that's remaining available for order will be displayed as well. If you have not taken this step, no quantity will be shown. Learn more about transfers.
Additional info on inventory settings

Selling when out of stock

Out of stock messages will let your customer know that this product is sold out, and prevent more than the remaining inventory from being added to the cart.  This message will appear if you have not allowed overordering on a product listing, and it's stock level reaches zero. 


Customizing the quick order form buttons

To customize the title of the quick order form button, navigate to your theme's settings, and drop down Wholesale Gorilla's menu and add a title for your quick order form button.

Hiding quick order form buttons

The Quick Order Form links are live by default. You can hide the links to the Quick Order Form by enabling the 'Hide Buttons' option in the 'Quick Order Form' settings area, which will prevent these from appearing on your Online Store.


  • At this time, the Quick Order Form is a 'one size fits all' form within your site; the collections included upon it will be available to all wholesale customers on your site, and can not be adjusted on a per-customer basis. 
  • Changing the Quick Order Form navigation does not show or hide particular collections from wholesale customers.  To show/hide products from certain customers you can use product exclusions.
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